Endless pixel destruction in your pocket. Are your thumbs ready?

Survive an endless onslaught of brightly coloured foes that mercilessly hurl themselves at you. Taking cues from the original hit game Shwip, Turbo Thumb requires your full attention as you eliminate wave after wave of angry shades of the primary colour spectrum. Dodge attacks, gain power ups, and never stop dragging, scrolling, or tapping your finger across the screen. Fail to do so and we’ll haul your butt back to the beginning, so stay sharp. We believe in pure gameplay, and not pay-to-win or pay-to-play. We don’t have coins, money, shwip-bucks, or any gimmicky system – play for 2 minutes or go for the global high-score!



The name of the game is to survive. Prepare yourself for increasingly difficult waves of enemies that hurl their colourful selves at you. Bonuses are awarded based on how many waves you clear so never stop scrolling, tapping or scrolling! This is the arcade mode you grew up with and love.


Your ship’s weapon system is damaged and you are in an unfamiliar part of space. Your sensors detect an active minefield in your immediate vicinity. Your task is to navigate the field and get home. Unfortunately, you don’t know where home is. There are a few surprises on the way, so keep the lights on and an eye on the prize.