Shwip Press Factsheet

  • Developer : Jamhammer Games Inc
  • Release Date : Summer – Fall 2015
  • Website :
  • Price : Under $10
  • Availability : Steam – Xbox One
  • ESRB : Pending
  • File Size : Under 500mb
  • Press Contact :
  • Social : Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram


Satisfy your daily pixel-induced fix by blowing up your enemies with an arsenal of weapons an army would be jealous of. Set traps, disable, and boost your way to safety with tight controls that keep you in control. Show off your skills in style mode, or go brute force in arcade; then, settle down for a tense romp through desolate space while avoiding active mines. Did we mention Shwip has global leader-boards and local multiplayer? Compete against friends or random internet strangers and reach for the top, soldier.


  • The Shwip. A whip that you fling around enthusiastically. Watch as your enemies explode into hundreds of pieces. Then second guess your affiliation with whips.
  • An incredibly arsenal of weapons and abilities including : Mines, Missiles, Magnets, Blasts, Boosts, Quickshots, and; the ever popular and satisfying Shwip.
  • Local multi-player up to 4 players.
  • Online leader-boards and achievements.
  • Atmospheric original soundtrack created by Scott Holmes of Elezeid Audio Studio.
  • Beautiful visual fidelity and smooth 60fps game-play.
  • Gameplay ranging from intense arcade action, to stylistic and evasive modes. Perfect for any gamer style.

Logos & Artwork

The Team

  • John Paul Welsh – Co-Founder, Lead Programmer
  • Robert Bava – Co-Founder, Lead Creative
  • Scott Holmes – Soundtrack