Shwip Turbo Thumb, the best top down endless shooter (in our opinion, obviously) is finally available on the App Store and Google Play. We made sure to only have one itty-bitty purchase that disables ads and the rest is free from bullshit lootboxes, pay-to-win, and other nonsensical micro-transactions. Send us your feedback and we’ll implement… Read Post

Been a while, eh? We’ve been busy little bees prepping Shwip for primetime and part of that is launching our Steam page. Rest assured that each one of you that wishlists the game puts a gigantic smile on our faces. So feel good in knowing you are directly causing our collective faces at Jamhammer to… Read Post

Short update this week! After receiving a bunch of awesome feedback from our public beta, we implemented a new control scheme and a few toggle buttons. You can now choose to boost the ship with a face button rather than the thumb stick. Some folks mentioned they would boost accidentally due to them pressing the… Read Post