We did it, shwip has been greenlit!

Exciting times for the two of us. Just want to say thanks to everyone for voting yes! More updates coming soon, we have a bunch of awesome news to tell everyone.

How to play Shwip with a PS3 Controller

We’ve had a few people ask how to play Shwip with a controller other than a 360 pad. Here’s an awesome video by user Glycerin on how to use the tool “BetterDS3” to perfectly control Shwip. Check out the video!

Jamhammer @ Torontaru

John and I slipped out Wednesday night to Get Well Bar to meet up with other Toronto Indie Devs to get our drink on. After a recent beta play test launch, we were eager to tell the world about our recent accomplishments. It was quite nerve wracking when arriving as we did not know what… Read Post