Devlog 10 – Hammerlog gets a new name, we show Shwip at MCX2019, and the new input system update.

Hammerlog gets a new name

Hammerlog was a bit too ambiguous for what we want this section of the site to be so we decided to rebrand. Nothing much else to it…

MCX 2019

The awesome group over at the Hand Eye Society invited us along with other indie devs to showcase Shwip at the Mississauga Comic Expo 2019 back in September. We set up shop early in the morning and showcased the game to hundreds of participants. We thank you Hand Eye for giving us a chance to participate, and can’t wait for our next opportunity to showcase our hard work.

The NEW input system

So we’ve been early access for about a year now, and we haven’t updated Shwip in a while. That’s on us. One of the biggest blockers to release is the Unity input system, and instead of dive into it ad nauseam, let’s get right into it.

It’s a lot of work to refactor your game…. alot. We’re currently back to around 80% functionality with the new system from Unity, and making great progress. The new system will allow WAY more compatibility for controller types, and will let us launch on new systems easily and without headache.

That’s it for now, thanks for staying with us.

Jamhammer Team