Shwip, A Brief Introduction

Shwip is a combination of the obvious pair of words ship, and whip. Now that you’ve done the search and cocked your eyebrows in disgust, know that while the Shwip is the defining weapon in the game, it does not stand alone in your vast arsenal. Once you’ve finished dangling your dangerously-sweet destruction-wand, you can always finish off remaining enemies with missiles, mines and the other incredibly satisfying weapons and abilities. Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s get down to business.

Shwip in action
Shwip in action against Purge.

Shwip’s inspiration came many moons ago when Bizarre Creations ingeniously decided to decorate your in-game garage with an arcade machine playing Geometry Wars. Ever since the glorious first geometry-based explosion hit my retinas, I was hooked. Going through the motions of sprees, new weapon pickups and high scores felt perfect, and an addiction was born. Few years passed before Geometry Wars 2 hit XBLA as a standalone game. My friends and I rejoiced as we embarked on a high-score, multi-player, achievement hunting colour-infused gaming fest. Then, the news hit that Bizarre was being sold and shut down. Geometry Wars would no longer receive awesome sequels, and the franchise was DEAD. Deeply saddened by this news and with a new education in game development fresh on the mind, we set to create the game we’ve always wanted to play. Shwip is our way of saying thanks Bizarre, you did well.

We tried to build a solid foundation based on tight user controls, atmospheric graphics, smooth 60fps gameplay and satisfying particle explosion effects. For more information regarding Shwip’s weapons and abilities, hit the game page to read more!

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