Get your wishlist on! Shwip Steam page is LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!

Been a while, eh? We’ve been busy little bees prepping Shwip for primetime and part of that is launching our Steam page. Rest assured that each one of you that wishlists the game puts a gigantic smile on our faces. So feel good in knowing you are directly causing our collective faces at Jamhammer to hurt with joy.

Wishlist Shwip on Steam!

Add Shwip to your steam wishlist here.

Since Shwip isn’t available yet, why not take a look at our two most recently launched mobile games???


Download Shwip Match em' Up on iOS for iPhone and iPad today!
Shwip Match em’ Up on Jamhammer

Download Shwip Turbo Thumb on Google Play Today! iOS coming soon!
Shwip Turbo Thumb on Jamhammer