Game Modes

Going out in 15 minutes and need a quick particle-induced fix? We insist Shwip be played as you wish, so we’ve created a few cool modes to ensure maximum levels of fun and excitement for everyone.


Buckle up, buddy. This is three minutes of increasingly difficult enemies spawns and swarms with one objective: to turn you into dust. Arcade features all the weapon types but no ship improvements, so you better be ready. This is the arcade mode you grew up with and love, so set those high scores and compete against your friends.


Complete a series of objectives based on weapon and ability combinations to unlock your ship’s turbo mode. Once you reach maximum power, you can unleash an onslaught of turbo powered weaponry and abilities. Every time you activate turbo the difficulty increases, but so does the multiplier. Style features two unique features, slow-mo and the shield. You only have one life, so be careful out there.


You’re placed in a desolate environment with a wounded ship, a damaged weapons system and a serious case of homesickness. There are mines scattered everywhere, and a series of areas you need to fly by in sequence. Sound hard? Well it gets harder. We are still developing the concept of this mode so hold on tight, we have surprises for you!


Choose the enemy type and frequency and unleash your might. Great for learning how to gain style points or just to mess around and show off new skills to your friends and family. There are no time limits, so customize your gameplay experience and get your particle fix for the day.


Whip the puck into your rivals nets before the time runs out. Face off against your friends or foes in this timed and competitive multiplayer mode.

Your Enemies


Floaters, as pawns in a game of chess, are dangerous in groups and always in the way. They’ll try to cut off your every move, so be sure to take care of them quickly.


Spawns in large packs with the intention to cut off your path in any way possible. They’ll group together to accomplish this, so ready your weapons, soldier.


Lone-wolves need not apply here because these intelligent hooligans are deathly afraid of you. Just watch your six when they pack up and decide you’re good enough to eat.


Boomer ate too much for lunch and can’t wait to explode all over your brand new paint job. Be careful though, because its inner babies are blood thirsty and oh so fast.


Much like his fifth removed cousin Boomer, this garbage collecting teal bastard will hurl vast amounts of old enemy bits in your direction. Best to hold on for this one.


His insatiable appetite for plums has stained more than his shell. Help reverse the bad manners inherited from his cousin Purge by smacking plum pits back his way.

Your Weapons & Abilities

From industry-standard blasters to the Shwip. We give you an awesome array of cool weapons and abilities to use and abuse. Pro Tip : Each weapon has an alternate use.


It’s your Ship’s Whip, need we say more? Ok fine. Swing around Shwip and absolutely destroy anything in your path. Can also be used to deflect enemy fire and as a pseudo shield in combat. Pro-Tip: The whip steals energy from your enemies, so use it wisely.


Your industry standard Quickshot is good enough to make Swiss cheese out of most enemies. However, due to changing velocity patterns and voltages, we cannot guarantee accuracy.


Use boost to get the hell out of a hairy situation and blast to give surrounding enemies a little love-scooch in all directions. Pro Tip : Boost through the game’s boundaries to escape and up


Two pumps of this bad boy sends everything and anything in your general area packing. Use it to escape a bunch of crowding enemies or as a fun way of introducing walls to your foes.


Mines are the perfect way to show your foes the door. Though time-limited in their frequency, they are unlimited in quantity. Pro Tip : Hold mines behind your ship for perfect release timing.


Want a better way to humiliate enemies and disable them whilst holding them hostage in an induced magnetic field? Sorry, there is no other way. Pro Tip : Magnets are awesome, use them frequently.


Ah the thermonuclear foe-blasting missile. Most detrimental to enemy quality of life. Word to the wise, standard use missiles are not heat seeking. Pro Tip : Alternate mode hurtles a slew of heat-seeking rockets towards your foes.


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Music & Soundtrack

We’ve partnered with Scott from Elezeid Audio Studio. So far he’s delighted us with an awesome original score for Shwip. Have a listen to a sample from the game. Shwip’s musical score will differ from the usual trance and techno with earthly atmospheric tones and melodies.

Press Kit

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  • Our first game Shwip has launched!

    Our first game Shwip has launched!

    Thanks to all our supporters over the years for sticking with us. Thanks to those who bought the game early and helped us shape it into the game…