HammerLog 07 – The road to style

Work on style mode is coming along nicely! Our original vision for the mode didn’t translate well towards players initially so we decided to scrap it and start from scratch.

The original vision of Style was an upgradable version of Arcade. You had the same slew of enemies, but they were harder to kill. By using combos and “style” points, you could upgrade your ships abilities to better dispatch enemies. Unfortunately, this concept didn’t translate well to players on show floors and in the beta. Ultimately, the mode is called Style, and we want players to do exactly that – play with style. But how?

Growing up, our favourites were the likes of Project Gotham Racing and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. Those games had players string together massive combos for both the ultimate feels, and a massive combo bonus. We are building the new Style mode based on those factors. Gone is the upgrade path, along with the harder to kill enemies. Replacing that is a combo system and the ability to fill up a TUR-BOM-ETER bar, which will allow players to unleash up to three very nice powerups of their choosing.

Stay with us as we develop the mode and begin showcasing it to the world.

Upcoming changes to Shwip in v1.1.3

EGLX, Forest City Comicon, CNE Gaming garage all gave us incredible insight into how players react to the game. So instead of having players organically learn the small nuances of each mode, we created an intro screen. Here’s a look at the three modes so far. Style is still a work in progress.

Shwip intro screens before each mode

We don’t want to hold your hand, because the intricacies of Shwips control scheme is better experienced organically and naturally, but we figure you need a BIT of an intro before the pixels start flying.

Thanks again for your support in our development of Shwip. Until next time.