Shwip Progress Update – IGF 2015

We wanted to start off by saying thanks to everyone who played the Shwip Arcade Beta! It’s an amazing feeling to have you play what we’ve been working hard on for the past few years. We’ve gathered a metric tonne of stats and general feedback from which we took back, organized and implemented. With the upcoming submission deadline looming for IGF2015, we sat down and squashed bugs, added new features, tweaked existing modes, and got that much closer to completion.

Here are a few updates we’ve made since the Beta.

Shwip v1.0.0.2

  • Full implementation of Style mode.
  • Introduced Minefield mode.
  • Arcade mode difficulty increase.
  • Razor enemy type now spins when actively pursuing you and deactivates when you leave the play field.
  • Fixed the double accuracy bug in stats.
  • Added the “next best score to beat” for some game modes.
  • Added new control options including left handed and inverted types for controllers.
  • Added new sound effects for enemy spawns and deaths.
  • Added a new background image for minefield.


We’re incredibly excited to have submitted Shwip to IGF2015 for voting next year. Let’s hope greenlight is in the future! It marks an almost 90% completion for Shwip! A few more tweaks and implementations and then we can release the game on a few select stores.