Devlog 13 – Shwip mega patch v2.0.0 changes & additions

Wow! It’s been a while… Let’s get right to it.

What’s been added?

  • A brand new input system
    Which means you can use a multitude of older generation controllers. We tested with OG xbox dukes on a mac – so compatibility with your devices should be great.
  • Added new input styles
    Including inverted stick direction, boost control and others.
  • Added new Style mode
    This mode gives you a bunch of tasks to complete. When you complete enough, your ship can enter turbo mode where you gain an insane amount of points. Watch yourself though, because you have a limited amount of lives.
  • New enemy behavior
    We’ve rewritten enemy AI for the wolfpack, purge and strife to make them smarter, faster and more difficult – just what you need when trying to hit those high scores.
  • Revamped whip mechanic
    Eliminating an enemy with the whip now gives you a small chance to regen your health, perfect for keeping your multiplier high.
  • Revamped secondary whip mechanic
    You can no longer drop the whip behind you. Players thought it was a bug, so we now allow you to shoot the whip out like a bullet.
  • Revamped mines
    Mines will now automatically detonate after letting them go
  • Added info screens to the beginning of each mode
    These screens give you some information about the mode and how the mechanics work, and also displays the relevant controls so you are no longer confused.
  • Added Teams to multiplayer
    You can now team up with your buddies and dominate shwip-ball
  • Revamped multiplayer joining
    Along with the teams addition, we reworked how players join a multiplayer game. No more accidental quitting! You can enter a lobby, fly around and choose a team.
  • Added Names to multiplayer
    Players noticed it was hard to keep track of where you were on screen, so we added nametags. Never lose yourself again!
  • UX/UI Enhancements overall
    From menus to info screens to gameover, we’ve made the user experience much better throughout the entire game.
  • New music added!
    Our excellent audio producer Elezeid put together some insane new tracks for you to enjoy. You’ll be able to purchase the Official Shwip soundtrack soon, so stay tuned to our twitter for details and dates.
  • Minefield enhancements
    We’ve made it easier for you to judge the effect radius of each checkpoint. Also added is a new indicator for how much time you get per checkpoint PLUS a new bonus mechanic that rewards faster players.
  • Brand new particle and visual effects
    We’ve introduced a new lighting and particle system to triple the amount of effects we previously had. PLUS, the new system utilizes your GPU rather than CPU so the game should run even smoother while pumping out more FX.
  • Added a particle amount slider
    For those who want less visual clutter, we’ve added a slider to adjust particles.
  • Improved PC controls
    Keyboard & Mouse just wasn’t very good before. We introduced some new button combinations, though we still think a gamepad is the best way to experience the game, can’t leave our pc master race squad behind.
  • Added fullscreen and resolution options to the settings menu
  • Fixed over 300 bugs!
  • Other small tweaks to weapons and backend systems you’ll never see unfortunately.