Hammerlog 09 – HES & Square One Microsoft event

We were recently invited to showcase Shwip at an event named Play 2 Practice at the Square One Microsoft store in Mississauga this weekend. The folks over at the Hands Eye Society have put on this event several times now in an attempt to bring local indie game devs into the spotlight. This Sunday was our turn, and we were honoured to be able to showcase our newest version of Shwip to everyone walking around the mall.

JP Setting up Shwip for the Play 2 Practice event at the Microsoft store in Square one.

Kids and adults sat down to enjoy some single and multiplayer Shwip action. Feedback was great – ranging from some bits of confusion in relation to our newest mode Style to random people stopping in their tracks and commenting on how beautiful all the colours looked.

JP & Rob at the Microsoft Store in Square One.

We got a chance to test Style mode publicly for the first time yesterday. The ability to have all sorts of people play a new mode without explanation is one of the best parts of these events. As small developers, we often don’t have the resources to hire QA departments or user testing groups or sign up for major events like PAX or EGLX.

Two brothers facing off against one another in Arcade mode.

We want to say thank you to the Hand Eye Society, the organizers of the Play 2 Practice event, and the Amazing crew over at the Microsoft Store in Square One. We can’t wait to participate again soon, maybe with a new game we have in the works 😉